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Prof. Galit Nahari

Principal Investigator

Prof. Galit Nahari is the head of the Department of Criminology at Bar-Ilan University, Israel, and the editor of Legal and Criminological Psychology. Her main research interests are legal and investigative decision-making, applied memory, detection of deception and witnesses credibility assessments. As part of it, she develops interrogation and lie-detection methods (prime example is the Verifiability Approach), examines their validity and suitability in different contexts, and their vulnerability to judgmental biases. A major part of her research further focuses on the cognitive processes underlies credibility and veracity assessments, as well as on individual differences which impact these assessments.



Verifiability Approach (VA)
Differing lies from truths by the verifiability of the content
Reality Monitoring (RM) 
Theoretical and practical adjustments of RM for lie detection   

Current Projects

Developing a virtual interview training system for law enforcement units

Latest publications

Nahari, G., & Nisin, Z. (2019). Digging further into the Speech of Liars: Future Research Prospects in Verbal Lie Detection, Frontiers in Psychiatry, 10:56.  

Nahari, G., Ashkenazi, T., Fisher, R.P., Granhag, P.A., Hershkovitz, I., Masip, J., Meijer, E., Nisin, Z., Sarid, N., Taylor, P.J, Verschuere, B., Vrij, A. (2019). “Language of Lies”: Urgent issues and prospects in verbal lie detection research. Legal and Criminological Psychology, 24, 1- 23.

Nahari, G. (2019). Verifiability approach: Applications in different judgmental settings. In T. Docan-Morgan (Ed.). The Handbook of Deceptive Communication (pp. 213 – 225). New York: Palgrave Macmillan

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